Moldy cream cheese found at Muncie Central, school district and health department respond

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MUNCIE, Ind. (March 10, 2016) – A student at Muncie Central High School was shocked to find a moldy container of cream cheese during breakfast.

Muncie Central student Quinesha Pointer posted the picture of the moldy cream cheese to her Facebook page on Monday, and it has since gone viral online, receiving dozens of comments from people outraged that the school would serve students moldy food.

Muncie Community Schools is responding to those comments in an effort to clarify the situation. Ana Maria Pichardo-Delk, director of communications for the school district, says the cream cheese was delivered to the school as a prepackaged product directly from the manufacturer, and it was within the expiration date.

When the student showed administrators the moldy cream cheese, they opened several other containers and didn’t find any more mold. But the school pulled the rest of the containers of cream cheese just to be safe.

The school says they contacted the manufacturer immediately to ensure it wouldn’t happen again, and they also contacted the Delaware County Health Department.

Health officers and inspectors with the Delaware County Health Department conducted an investigation at the school. Jammie Bane, a health department administrator, says he personally feels the incident is not the schools fault since the cream cheese came directly from the manufacturer.

“The school is and has been following proper food safety practices as outlined by state and local regulations. We’re happy the concern was brought to our attention, but we’re even more pleased that no one got sick and that the school staff handled the situation properly,” said Bane.