Police K9 injures teen girl in Logansport

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LOGANSPORT, Ind., (March 10, 2016) - A 16-year-old girl from Logansport is recovering after being bitten and tackled by a neighbor’s dog Wednesday morning.

But, this is no ordinary dog. It is a highly trained police K9 on active duty for the Logansport Police Department.

According to police, the teen was waiting for her bus on her front porch, and she was petting the K9. When the bus pulled up, the teen left the porch to get on the bus, and that’s when the K9 tackled the girl and bit her left arm.

The teen’s mother had to pull the dog off the girl, and she called the Cass County Sheriff’s Department.

Police say the girl suffered superficial wounds, scratches and bruises. She was taken to the hospital and later went to school.

The girl said she did not tease the dog and believes he was just playing and not attacking her.

Logansport police say the K9’s handler is not sure how the dog escaped it’s kennel.

“When the officer come home after 6 a.m. he fed and watered his dog and placed it in the kennel and secured it and when he was awoken, the door to the kennel was found standing open,” said Logansport Police Chief Brad Rozzi.

The teen’s family is not seeking legal action. The department is paying for the teen's medical expenses.

Chief Rozzi says he is confident this will not happen again with any of the department’s three K9 officers.

The teen was home from school Thursday and is on antibiotics as a precaution.

The K9 was assessed and is fit for duty.

Belgian Malinois is a widely used breed by law enforcement.