Monster pothole causing problems for Indy drivers

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., (March 12, 2016) - A whopper of a pothole on the city’s northeast side has nearby residents pleading for help and wondering when crews are coming out to fix it.

This whopper here in the Southbound lane of Allisonville Road just North of 46th street is causing some serious problems for drivers.

Hubcaps are lined up along a nearby fence… vehicles are popping tires and could be causing even more damage.

Jovonna Glover lives nearby and says the pothole has been there at least two weeks and the recent rain has made it longer and deeper.

Glover also says she can hear vehicles hit the pothole from inside her home with the doors and windows closed.

She’s hoping this safety hazard will be taken care of soon.

“I put a call into the Mayor’s Action Center they said that somebody had already called them and made the report to get it fixed, but still not fixed,” said Jovonna Glover.

According to the city’s pothole viewer, there is an open report in the area.

The viewer also shows that city crews close the majority of pothole reports in 3 days or less.

For information on how to file a pothole report click here.

To check out the Pothole Viewer, click here.