Police searching for three men who murdered 70-year-old business owner

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INDIANAPOLIS, IND. - Police are searching for the three men who shot and killed a 70-year-old man inside of his liquor store on the east side of Indianapolis.

“It is sort of crazy to have people killed over a few coins,” says a coworker.

Coworkers of Joe Klein are trying to wrap their minds around the senseless crime. Thinking about the last time they saw Joe Klein standing behind the counter of Allied Liquors, before his life was taken away this morning by three men who allegedly shot and killed him while robbing his store.

“He was a pretty tough guy. Joe was a man of his own,” says his coworker.

Coworkers say Joe had to be strong to protect himself and his business. Especially because Allied Liquors is in a high crime area. Klein and his staff worked every day to keep that crime away from their store.

“He did have some strict policies here at his business,” says a resident.

Klein’s dress code policy was posted on the door. He also made all customers removed their hoods before coming into Allied Liquors.

“We set structures and barriers and we asked people to abide by it and if they could not abide by it they were asked to leave the store,” says a coworker.

Unfortunately, those tactics did not stop three men from killing Klein in front of two employees and taking the stores money. Klein’s workers were not hurt, but are understandably scared.

“They come to work every day and they have to be concerned when they see things like this happen,” says coworker.

Klein’s friends and coworkers hope officers are able to track the killers down and get the 70-year-old businessman the justice deserves.

“A lot of people knew him a lot of people have stopped by today and just offered their expressions of condolences and we just ask that people put him in their prayers,” says a coworker.