IU Sample Gates, Bloomington neighbors vandalized as Spring Break begins

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (March 14, 2016) -- An Indiana University landmark was spray painted with graffiti on the first day of the school's Spring Break.

The graffiti, which read 'D.P. RAW,' was sprayed across the front of IU's Sample Gates. The University quickly cleaned it, though the outline was still visible Monday.

Sample Gates graffiti

"They’re a big part of the campus tradition so they present an attractive target sometimes to vandals ," IUPD Capt. Andy Stephenson said.

Stephenson said the Gates are not vandalized often, and it usually involves chalk that is easily removed.

Also over the weekend, a neighborhood close to campus woke up to find a street sign, garage, and car sprayed with graffiti.

Edgar Illas' license plate was painted black.

"It was strange, I mean, why would you do that?" Illas said.

Another neighbor caught video surveillance of two young men painting the sign, as they walked casually down the street.

Bloomington Police said they had yet to connect the crimes, but Stephenson said his officers were looking into the men as possibly responsible for the Sample Gates graffiti as well.

Illas said he suspected kids and that he did want them to get caught, but was not taking the graffiti too seriously.

"I mean, you know, human nature is very mysterious. You never know what people do with their life and their time," Illas said.

IU took to Twitter, asking students to share their Sample Gates photos in order to counteract the graffiti.

If you have any information about any of the vandalism, contact either IUPD or Bloomington Police.