Mayor wants police and fire under his control

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Indianapolis, Ind. (March 14, 2016) - Mayor Joe Hogsett wants to eliminate the Department of Public Safety, moving police and fire under his control.

The plan will be presented Monday night at the Metropolitan and Economic Development Committee.

Under Hogsett's proposal, IMPD and IFD would report directly to him.

Hogsett's staff says it would get rid of a level of bureaucracy and add accountability, while saving money.

Hogsett also wants to add a new Office of Public Health and Safety, which would include services like re-entry and 911 dispatch.

Also under the proposal, Animal Care and Control would move to Code Enforcement.

"I think that he’s really reaching out to try and do something new and different and I’m very supportive of it," said Dr. David Wantz, Interim Director of Public Safety. "I’ve had a chance to watch two administrations and I’m thinking it’s a pretty clever way to do this."

"This is a mayor who wanted this responsibility and we are structuring public safety functions so that he’s going to be directly responsible for it," said Andy Mallon, Indianapolis Corporation Council.

Information will be presented and discussed at  Monday's meeting.

On March 29, the proposal will be heard for action at the Rules and Public Policy Committee.