Multi-million dollar development coming to downtown Southport

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SOUTHPORT, Ind. (March 14, 2016) - A 95-unit apartment complex, new restaurants and retail are a part of a total overhaul for one of the most popular parts of downtown Southport.

The spot as it currently stands looks very different.

“We have to do something but we’ve been talking about redevelopment for 10 or 15 years,” said Duane Langreck, President of the Southport Redevelopment Commission.

The Southport intersection of Southport Road and West Street looks a little rough. For 30 years, a post office there has sat vacant. Since 2008, a lumber yard at the intersection has been abandoned, and recently, a popular furniture store on another corner, headed out of town.

“Over there where the lumber company was is where the apartments are going to go, from the railroad tracks to Southport road,” said Langreck.

Now, the old spot is getting a new look. This summer, ground will be broken on a brand new, three-story, 95-unit apartment building. The first floor will have space for restaurants and retail.

The old post office will be getting a face lift and will become a bridal store.

“We want to project an image that the city is working hard to redevelop, we’re working hard to improve our commercial areas and also to grow as a city,” said Russell McClure, the Mayor of Southport.

Southport Road is the city’s main stretch. McClure promises what will come to the intersection, will be a major improvement.

“It’ll look very different. Just the enhancements at the post office with the renderings we’ve received are just really exciting,” he said.

A long time coming for long time Southport residents, “I saw it go from a walkable, nice, small town to this condition. We’re just finally ready to go back,” said Langreck.