Muncie Animal Rescue Fund asks for help to save puppy’s life

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Gracie (Photo courtesy of Muncie ARF)

MUNCIE, Ind. (Mar. 14, 2016)– The Muncie Animal Rescue Fund (ARF) needs help saving a puppy’s life.

Gracie is a 10-week-old Shih Tzu-Dachshund mix.

She has a heart murmur and needs to undergo surgery. ARF said they believe the murmur was caused by inbreeding and said the owners did not spay or neuter their animals.

She has to have the operation, which costs more than $2,000, in the next six weeks to survive more than a year, but they don’t have the money and they’re asking for help.

To help Gracie, send contributions to ARF, in care of Saving Gracie, by sending a check to ARF at 1209 Riggin Road, Muncie, IN 47304, or donate through ARF’s website.