Police release 911 call following shootings at Cummins plant in Seymour

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SEYMOUR, Ind. (March 14, 2016) – The Seymour Police Department released a 911 call following the shootings at the Cummins plant in Seymour. Two people were killed last Thursday in what police are calling a murder-suicide.

A person at the plant made the call around 8:40 a.m. He tells police dispatchers that there are two injured people in the upstairs conference room. Both men were dead when police arrived.

Below is a transcript of the 911 call:

Dispatcher: Is the shooter in the building?

Caller: We don’t know.

Dispatcher: They’re unsure if he’s in the building.

Caller: We have two people injured upstairs conference room.

Dispatcher: They have two injured people in the upstairs in the conference room.

Dispatcher: Where are you, sir? Is everyone out?

Caller: We are working on evacuating.

Dispatcher: Just stay on the phone with me, ok?

Dispatcher: Don’t know where the shooter is at this time. They are evacuating.

Dispatcher: Sir, you have no idea where the shooter is at, correct?

Caller: That is correct. We do not.

Dispatcher: Still no idea where the shooter is at.

Dispatcher: You are with the people who are down, sir?

Caller: No, I am not.

Dispatcher: OK.

Caller: I’m at the entrance to the building.

Dispatcher: My complainant is at the entrance of the building. There are two people down.

Dispatcher: And what floor are they on?

Caller: The second floor

Dispatcher: Clear 59. They are on the second floor.

Dispatcher: Just stay on the phone with me ok. I need you to be. Did you see anybody anything strange anybody run?

Caller: No. I just got the initial call to evacuate everybody.1:46

Dispatcher: Where is your location to evacuate your workers?

Caller: They are going outside the parking lot. 1:57

Dispatcher: I have officers there. Do you see any officers there?

Caller: Yes. We have two injured in the upstairs in the conference room. We have no idea where everybody else is.

Dispatcher: Are you talking to the officers sir?

Caller: Yes.

Dispatcher then disconnected (ended) the call.

Police later identified the shooter as Qing Chen, 37 years old, of Seymour, and the victim as Ward R. Edwards, 49, of Columbus. According to the Seymour police chief, Edwards and Chen were meeting in a small focus room when employees heard multiple shots fired. Police later said Edwards was Chen’s supervisor.

Investigators are still looking into why Chen shot and killed his boss and then turned the gun on himself.

Investigators found four guns in Chen’s Seymour apartment. They said he killed Edwards with a 9 mm Glock and had a carry permit but aren’t sure how he got the weapon into the building, because Cummins does not allow firearms.

Police said Chen was in the United States from China on a five-year work Visa and had worked for Cummins for at least two years.

The Cummins Seymour Technical Center remained closed Monday as employees returned to work following last week’s murder-suicide involving employees. Cummins spokesman Jon Mills said the center wouldn’t reopen until March 21 at the earliest.