Teens enter New Zealand store, take whatever they want

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AUCKLAND, New Zealand (March 14, 2016) – A group of teenagers entered a New Zealand convenience store Sunday and helped themselves to pretty much whatever they wanted.

Surveillance footage showed members of the group entering the store; all but two of them were girls. They asked for cigarettes, but when staff asked for ID, one of them walked around the counter and took some items. Before long, the situation became a free-for-all as other members of the group grabbed what they could.

The staffers kept a hockey stick and cricket bat with them in order to defend themselves. One of the workers said he didn’t strike anyone because he wasn’t attacked and didn’t want to hit the women in the group.

The stolen items include an employee’s cell phone and cigarettes worth about $1,700. The store owner posted the video on Facebook to bring attention to the crime.

Police said they have “excellent leads” and hope to make arrests in the case soon.