What it will cost to travel to see your favorite Indiana team in the NCAA Tournament

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Big economic boost expected in downtown Indy during NCAA regionals

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Four Indiana teams are headed to the big dance, but the most compelling game with the pricier tickets hasn’t even been set yet.

IU will play Kentucky in Des Moines this Saturday if both teams make it through the first round. According to Circle City Tickets, ticket prices for upper level seats range between $350-$500 if you buy now. Down closer to the court, tickets are about $1,000 a seat.

Add in a hotel room for one night ($150) and gas ($100), and you’re looking at a $600 trip.

But before you open up your wallet, ticket experts say wait until Thursday’s outcomes.

“Wait until Friday morning. Make sure both teams get through. Prices could go up slightly, when all those teams are definitely in it, but I think right now they’re reflecting the fact that everybody thinks they’re going to go through,” said Mike Peduto with Circle City Tickets.

All Indiana teams are playing pretty far away from the Hoosier state, which will affect demand and ticket pricing.

Right now, tickets for the Butler first round game in Raleigh are pretty cheap; about $70 for a lower level seat. Add in gas money ($125) and a hotel room for one night ($150) and you’re looking at about a $345 trip.

“You factor it all in, the IU one might be the better one and the more compelling game would be if you stick around till Saturday.”

IU plays Chattanooga this Thursday at 7:10 pm. You can watch the game on CBS4.

Purdue fans will have to travel to Denver to watch their Boilermakers this Thursday.

According to Expedia, flights are around $700 if you leave on Wednesday and return on Friday.

The cheapest ticket prices start at $130. If you add on a hotel stay, you’ll be looking at dropping a $1,000 to cheer on Purdue.