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Time to change the clock, time to check the smoke detector

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CARMEL, Ind., (March 13, 2016) - The changing of our clocks comes a push from Central Indiana fire departments to check your smoke detectors.

This comes just days after a family of 6 escaped their burning 2-story home early Wednesday morning in Carmel.

More than 50 firefighters from both Carmel and Pike Township responded to the fire.

Crews arrived 3 minutes after the call came in.

As firefighters rushed to the scene, the family was on their way out of the home after being alerted by the working smoke detectors in the home.

Firefighters say this is an example of how smoke detectors can help keep your family safe and that’s why departments are encouraging people everywhere to use this time to check your smoke detectors, change the batteries or replace them if needed.

“That is absolutely huge the fact that 6 people were able to get out of that house alive especially with heavy smoke conditions, the fact that those smoke detectors were there and woke them up was just absolutely wonderful,” said Carmel Firefighter and EMT Tim Griffin.

Firefighters say, on average each year in the U.S. 375 children under the age of 14 die in fires in homes with no working smoke detector.

If you need help getting a detector, stop by a fire house or contact the Red Cross.