Warmest March in 24 years; storm chances and big cool down in the works; a possible funnel Monday

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We use the calendar as the spring months of March, April and May.  Since March 1st, 9 days have been above normal but most impressive is the temperatures. The average high has reached 47.1° good for the 11th warmest on record and warmest March to date since 1992.

How rare is this warm spell?  It's the second warmest ever for the dates of March 6th through the 13th with an average temperature of 55.2°.  Warmest in 138 years!

Spring Warmth

The warm spell rolls on into Tuesday with temps reaching the upper 60s and lower 70's Tuesday before a cold front sweeps the state Wednesday morning. Remember the average high is only 51°

Grass turning green? The recent rainfall and warm temperatures are behind it. 1.42" of rain has fallen over the past 6 days.


Long time weather watcher Chris McNew from Tipton tipped us off to this video Monday after 4 PM near Tipton.  Captured by Doug Heron just south of Tipton.  Radar wind velocity at the time shows possible faint rotation and a brief funnel was caught on video.

In nearby western Ohio, the NWS confirmed a EF-1 (winds 86-110 mph) tornado near Phillipsburg in Montgomery county, north of Dayton.  Damage to a home and barn were reported.

video near Tipton Monday March 14th, 2016 around 4 PM

video near Tipton Monday March 14th, 2016 around 4 PM


Radar wind date from Monday suggest weak, brief rotation near Tipton around 4:15PM

Radar wind date from Monday suggest weak, brief rotation near Tipton around 4:15 PM


Visibility will likely drop visibility as the night moves along.  Dense fog is possible early Tuesday morning.  The recent rain and cooling overnight could send area visibility to only feet.  RPM computer model forecast visibility early Tuesday to be quite low.  Stay tuned for possible advisories for Tuesday morning and perhaps school delays.


Clouds broke late day Monday and as skies brightened many rainbows appeared before 7 PM.  look at this beautiful photo from near Speedway late Monday by Dawn Bethel

Rainbow 3-14-2016 speedway



More rain is possible but in less coverage and scattered fashion. T-storms are likely to come to life before a cold front arrives later Tuesday night. The timing isn't great for severe weather here but trends will be monitored. Nearest to the northbound warm front, storms could become severe over parts of northern Illinois Tuesday afternoon. Warm fronts are often a good location to find rotating storms. That is the area of possible tornadoes Tuesday afternoon and evening.

The Storm Prediction Center has issued a 'slight risk' forecast outlook for a portion of Illinois and Indiana Tuesday.

Current forecasts show a broken line of showers and possibly a few gusty storms arriving after dark. We will keep you up to date.

SPC 'slight risk' forecast for Tuesday

SPC 'slight risk' forecast for Tuesday


Spring officially begins Sunday morning but there is a cold change still in the works starting later this week. You knew this couldn't last right? The colder pattern could brew a few snow showers with it. More on the timing and how cold in the days ahead. The warm weather is officially on the clock.

Weather map 7 am Sunday

Weather map 7 am Sunday