‘Best day ever’: Watch Lawrence North student’s cute promposal

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(March 16, 2016) – Lawrence North student Brianna Nave remembered how great it felt when someone delivered a “promposal” to her, and she wanted someone else to experience that feeling.

In a cute video posted to Facebook, Brianna asked Dell, who has a developmental disability, to go to prom. She hasn’t known Dell for that long, but Brianna thought he’d be the perfect choice.

“No way! I’m going to prom!” an excited Dell said when Brianna asked him. “I will go to prom with you! Thank you!”

“Best day ever!”

Since Brianna knew Dell was a major Star Wars fan, her promposal included a Star Wars cake and balloons.

“Everyone should be able to experience the excitement that comes with being asked to prom,” Brianna told FOX59. “A lot of people have said it’s nice, but I believe that it is simply doing the normal thing and showing honest care to everyone.”

Prom is scheduled for April 30.

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