Teen battling cancer skips treatment to live full life

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MOUND CITY, MO (March 16, 2016) – A teen battling cancer recently made a tough decision to forego treatment in order to pursue special experiences in his last year on Earth.

According to KSHB, doctors found a tumor on Rhett Hall’s brain in 2013.  He underwent months of painful radiation, chemotherapy and physical therapy for Medullablastoma at a Kansas City hospital.

“He drove about 14,000 miles last year just going to different doctor appointments back and forth from here to Kansas City,” Rhett’s mom, Angie Hall, told KSHB.

Doctors told the Hall family that Rhett’s cancer was gone in 2014, but last week doctors discovered a tumor on Rhett’s back. The cancer had returned.

Angie told KSHB, “The doctor said you really can’t beat this cancer when it comes back.”

So the now 13-year-old decided he wasn’t going to fight the cancer anymore, and Rhett’s parents didn’t want to see him go through the pain again if he didn’t want to.

“I just don’t want to be sitting in a hospital bed dying while I could be having fun at my own house and with my friends,” Rhett told KSHB.

Rhett plans to pursue special experiences in the time he has left on earth.