IN Focus: Houchin discusses race for Congress, downplays role in anti-Trump meeting

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INDIANAPOLIS (March 27, 2016) - A congressional candidate is answering questions about her role in a secret meeting with key donors looking to stop Donald Trump.

State Senator Erin Houchin says she was not a part of those conversations dealing with Trump- and that she was simply invited to take part in a panel discussion.

She’s running in the GOP primary for Todd Young’s seat in Congress as Young runs for U.S. Senate.

According to Politico- Young was also at that meeting last week in Florida hosted by Speaker Paul Ryan and several key donors. Young’s campaign has also suggested he was there merely as a panel discussion participant. Houchin made similar claims on this week’s edition of IN Focus.

“I was not a part of those conversations,” said Houchin. “I was invited to participate in a panel discussion about women running for office and in particular how we can get more conservative female members of Congress… the Republican party for a long time has been trying to figure out where we are.”

See more of Houchin's remarks on the race for Congress in the video above.