Pay It Forward: Jessica Holden McIntosh

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Jessica Holden McIntosh jumped at the chance to pay it forward to the Ronald McDonald House.

In 2003, Jessica's newborn son, Sam Michael, was diagnosed with a rare bacteria.  All of a sudden, he was fighting for his life and Jessica was holding on to hope.

In the midst of the pain and shock, the Ronald McDonald House became home and the volunteers and staff became family.  Whenever she needed a break for a meal, shower, or rest, Jessica would walk over to the Ronald McDonald House and all her needs were met.

In addition to the material necessities, there was incredible emotional support from other families with sick children also.

"I never could have made it through that time without the house," Jessica said. "We were never turned away for not being able to pay. There was always something to eat, a shower and warm safe bed. The smiles of the volunteers always cheered me. I thank God for the house!​"

Little Sam Michael died New Year's Day 2004.

Jessica keeps his memory alive by staying active and in contact with the Ronald McDonald House. This is how Jessica is honoring her son by paying it forward helping to make sure other families experience the same support and love she and her family did.

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