Pay It Forward: Sara Woolum

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At 12 years old Sara Woolum is showing us what it means to be selfless and have a giving heart.

"It makes me feel amazing because I’ll be able to put the smile on their faces that they deserve."

Sara is paying it forward to the Madison County Sexual Assault Treatment Center in Anderson. The community hospital facility exams children who have experienced sexual violence. They needed stuffed animals, but Sara went beyond that.

"So what I decided to do is we found a bunch of clothes on clearance and I was like, 'this would be so much cheaper and we could get so much more.'"

Sara and her mom went around town with $200, plus $45 bucks in donations from family and friends. The end result this huge stack of robes, pajamas, and snacks.

"It was overwhelming. Sara did a tremendous job. I just can't tell you. She just kept bringing box after box in."

Sexual assault examiner Holly Renz says the items are already making a difference.

"Having a stuffed animal, a blanket, a robe to put on makes it very different than the experiences that they've had at a doctor's office or hospital emergency department."

Sara's mom says acts of service are nothing new for 7th-grader. Sara was born to give--she started by going around her neighborhood collecting food for local pantries.

"Ten minutes later, she comes back saying 'I need another bag.' Ended up with a huge box of stuff to take to the food pantry and since then she just always wanted to help out."

Sara says she hopes this donation creates a bright light for children going through such dark situations.

"Whenever you are able to give to others it really makes you appreciate things outside of yourself and seeing the smiles on other people’s faces really puts a smile to your own even though it's not for you."

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