Rescuers save baby seal after it wandered 100 miles from bay

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FREMONT, Calif. (March 28, 2016) — Authorities say a baby seal who was released in Bodega Bay, California was supposed to head north to Alaska, but instead they found her 100 miles south in the front yard of a house in Fremont.

Rescuers nicknamed the female 9-month-old northern fur seal Ozzie after she was found Thursday on Osgood Road in Fremont. She had no visible signs of injury and was taken to the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito. The road where she was found is four miles from the nearest beach.

According to the Fremont Police Department, rescuers know the baby pup! And as it turns out, her real name is Kumofur. She was first rescued four months ago on Capatola Beach. Earlier this month rescuers thought she was ready to go back into the wild, so they released her into Bodega Bay. But somehow she ended up in the suburbs.

The Marine Mammal Center says it will try to figure out why Kumofur ended up in the east bay instead of staying in the bay where she belongs.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.