Ricker’s swipes back against credit card skimmers

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind (March 28, 2016)- One central Indiana gas station owner is fighting back against credit card skimmers. A Ricker's gas station in Indy is taking a high-tech approach to protect its customers.

The move comes after an increase in skimming cases across the country and in central Indiana.

Filling up at the pump now comes with a major risk. You are susceptible with every swipe of your credit card. The thieves install a computer chip device or skimmer inside the pump that collects your personal credit card information.

"That’s the bad thing about it, it’s something you don’t think about. You just naturally think you will be protected," said Ricker's customer Bradley Cooper.

Many local gas stations have become vigilant about checking their pumps. Many pumps have a security seal on the side to alert attendants about a potential breach.

"If I find my pumps are tampered with, I will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law," said Kyle Campbell, manager of the Whitestown Marathon gas station.

Campbell says he checks his pumps several times a day to ensure the safety of his customers.

However, Ricker's isn't taking any chances with skimming. They are spending about $150,000 to install an alert system on all of their pumps. An email will be sent to staffers within seconds if a skimming device is detected.

"It’s always good if you are protecting the consumers. So it’s a good deal," said customer Trent Maxfield.

"It makes me feel a lot better knowing they are looking out for us and being proactive," said Cooper.

The software was beta tested at one of Ricker's Indianapolis locations. It will eventually be rolled out to every Ricker's location.