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Saving money on your heating and cooling

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 31, 2016)-- This is the time of year, homeowners are starting to switch back and forth between heating and cooling.

But both systems depend on your homes duct work that can extensively leak air.

“I heard about this simple solution, and I thought, 'who doesn’t like saving money?'  So I called the guys at Indy Duct Specialists to see how much air my ducts are leaking,” said customer Sam Pittman.

Turns out, like most homes, Pittman’s home leaked about 15 percent of the air being blown through the vents, and that can mean more expensive utility bills.

“We will diagnose, solve, and fix the problems you have with your ducts in a friendly, caring, and professional manner.  Our services are aligned with making sure  our customers see a real difference in the way their homes feel and function,” said Justin Bauserman, partner with Indy Duct Specialists.

​They also provide an air flow check, cleaning and sealing.  And right now their sealing system is often times free.  It’s a method of painting on a sealer that closes up gaps in duct work.  It goes on easily and can be used in most homes. In many cases, it’s free!

“Right now some local utilities have a government funded program that will pay for the duct sealing service our company provides. That means many homeowners can get the service for free and that service is normally several hundred dollars,” said Bauserman.

It’s a limited time offer from utility companies, mandated by the EPA.  No one knows how long it will last. It's not complicated to know if you qualify for the free service.

“It’s not income-related like a lot of government programs and it's not related to the size of your house. Basically, if a furnace is in an unconditioned space such as a garage or unfinished basement and most of the duct work is exposed, people qualify,” said Nick Winn, Partner with Indy Duct Specialists.

To see if you qualify, you can call or email Indy Duct Specialists and they'll come out, check out your system and let you know.

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