Employee says doomed fast food robber threatened to kill him

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (April 3, 2016)--A 30-year-old west side man is dead after pointing a gun at police during a fast food robbery.

A friend of Cameron Gover said “in my heart I don’t believe Chub is that type of person to point a gun at the police officer.”

Marcus Williams believes it.

Saturday night Williams said he was eye-to-eye with Gover and his partner as they robbed the McDonald’s restaurant on West 38th Street near Lafayette Road and Gover died after trying to escape out the back door only to be met with police gunfire.

“I do know that his gun was raised toward the officers,” said IMPD Sgt. Catherine Cummings.

Moments earlier that same gun was pressed to the necks of Williams and a female co-worker face down on the restaurant floor.

“The robbers just came from the bathroom and held us up and ordered us out on the floor,” said Williams who speculated the duo was familiar with the restaurant’s closing operations after 11 p.m. “One robber ran to the back and had my manager at gunpoint and the other had me and another young lady that was employed with us with guns at the back of our heads and telling us to pretty much cooperate with them or they were going to shoot so I cooperated with them.”

Williams also heard Gover say that “the manager better get the key to the safe or we’re gonna pop these two in the front.”

“All I know was he asked his partner if everything was OK,” said Williams, “and he goes back there and then I heard the shot and then he ran to the front.”

Gover was wounded in the stomach and ran back to the front of the restaurant to bleed out, his finger still on the trigger, just feet away from the employees who he had just been holding hostage.

The second gunman, identified by police as Briscoe Jones, 27, retreated back to the restroom where the robbery attempt started minutes before.

Williams said after all the employees were evacuated through the drive up windows, SWAT officers found Jones hiding inside.

Jones will face a felony murder charge along with a robbery count because of his role in the fatal stick up regardless of who fired the bullet that killed his partner.

“It isn’t right," said girlfriend Tiaira Wyatt. “He shouldn’t be there. He should be here with his family. He shouldn’t be pinned for that murder if they did it.”

Wyatt called Jones a family man with four children. She spoke with Jones on the phone after his arrest.

“He said that his friend wasn’t acting hostile and they shot him and now he’s being pinned with this murder and its not right.”

Chamontae Jones agrees with her brother’s girlfriend.

“Unfortunately a young man got killed that we also knew.  We knew that young man from growing up around my mother’s house and it’s a sad situation all the way around the board,” she said.

“Chub was a pretty nice guy. I think he just recently got out of jail,” recalled Jones, “and he said, ‘I’m out,’ and I said, ‘Well, I hope you stay out.’”

Both Gover and Jones had several encounters with police and spent time behind bars.

Now Gover is dead and Jones may go to prison for his role in that death.

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