IN Focus: One-on-one with Hillary Clinton’s IN campaign director

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INDIANAPOLIS (April 3, 2016) - With the Presidential primary one month away, the 2016 candidates are working behind the scenes to get your vote.

The Bernie Sanders campaign has already opened multiple offices across Indiana, and political director Carli Stevenson knows the next five weeks leading up to Indiana’s primary are critical.

“We have volunteers coming in here every day and we were so lucky that there was already this wonderful grassroots network of Bernie supporters, people who have already been self-organizing here in Indiana who’ve just been waiting for the official campaign to come,” she said.

“We are to the point now where the campaign is fully ready to invest in opening up offices statewide, hiring staff state wide,” said Peter Hanscom, the newly named Indiana Director for the Hillary Clinton Campaign.

Clinton’s campaign is canvassing and drumming up support this weekend ahead of the April 4 voter registration deadline, for the May 3 primary.

Clinton has history in Indiana. She won in her primary there against Barack Obama, in 2008.

“What happens here in the primary is actually going to directly impact who the nominee is,” said Hanscom, who sat down one-on-one with FOX59 for this week's edition of IN Focus.

See more of our interviews with Hanscom and Stevenson in the video above.