Indiana teen fills out nearly flawless NCAA bracket with very little knowledge

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Rebecca Gentry's NCAA bracket

Rebecca Gentry’s NCAA bracket courtesy of Dubois County Herald

JASPER, Ind. (April 3, 2016) – A Jasper teen shocked everybody, including herself, when she filled out a nearly flawless NCAA bracket.

Rebecca Gentry, a Jasper High School senior, submitted her bracket as part of a competition in her English literature and composition class.

Gentry’s bracket only has three wrong picks so far.

“Honestly I saw that I had very little mistakes, but I didn’t realize it was going to be such a huge big deal,” Gentry told the Dubois County Herald. “That just kind of surprised me … I’m not really a huge basketball fan, so it’s just like, ‘I did something right? That’s weird.’”

Gentry says she isn’t completely clueless when it comes to college basketball. She watches some games when others are watching but not enough to explain her miraculous bracket. Gentry also says she received a little help with her picks from her boyfriend who is a Kentucky fan.

Rebecca Gentry

Photo of Rebecca Gentry courtesy of Dubois County Herald

Of the millions of brackets in ESPN’s Tournament Challenge, 98 percent had Michigan State winning its first game against Middle Tennessee, and less than 1 percent of all brackets picked Syracuse in the Final Four. Gentry chose both picks!

Gentry’s bracket exists only on paper. She didn’t submit any brackets into the numerous competitions hosted by ESPN or CBS Sports or Fox Sports. In all three of those, she’d be the national leader. She could be in the running for Final Four tickets, free trips around the globe and cash prizes. But she’ll settle for doughnuts for her and the rest of her first-period class.

Gentry has Villanova as the national champions. If it doesn’t happen, Gentry says she won’t be upset. She feels she’s done “pretty good” for her first bracket. Ever.