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Hoosier hero celebrates 100th birthday

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PLAINFIELD, Ind. (April, 10, 2016) -- A Hoosier hero reaches a remarkable milestone this week and his family is already celebrating.

Rudy Cesnik was born on April 14, 1916, and his family and friends hosted a 100th birthday party this weekend in Plainfield.

Cesnik graduated from Arsenal Tech High School and farmed with his family at a young age in Brown County. There he learned about hard work and grew to love the outdoors. In November of 1941, Rudy was drafted into the army just weeks before the attack at Pearl Harbor.

Rudy was at Utah Beach on D-Day with the 4th Infantry Division.

He is a decorated hero who earned two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star for heroism in a combat zone.

Cesnik’s grandson is proud of his family's history and is the caretaker of his grandfather's war medals.

“Honestly, I wanted to be able to show my daughters that here is a man that did something very special and very important and there were a lot of men like him, but this man is your family,” said Eric Neher.

“Just try to do the best you can for yourself and for the people you’re surrounded with. That’s a big thing,” said Rudy Cesnik.

Cesnik spent 46 years in the meat packing industry in Indianapolis and was considered an expert in the field. Rudy still gardens and spends a lot of time outside.

Happy 100th birthday, Rudy and thank you for your service.