It’s the warmest weekend of the year; ‘Blocking’ pattern holds, rain chances are slim

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April has taken a turn.  Among the coolest 15% on record the warm pattern change is in full effect!

The dry air did it again and Friday afternoon as temperatures once again surged.  Over 35° temperature rise from daybreak to afternoon high temperatures on Friday.  Nearly 40° change in Kokomo.  Temperatures warmed to mid-May levels and reached 75° in Indianapolis for the first time this April.  Dry air heats fast and cools quickly.  Early morning temperatures will once again be on the chilly side.  Outlying areas may fall into the lower 40s by daybreak Saturday morning.

LSR 5 Temp Change


Afternoon high temperatures will warm to the upper 70s and possibly reach 80° in some locations.  This will be the warmest weekend since September 26th and 27th.

Forecast high temp Saturday - warmest of the year?

Forecast high temp Saturday - warmest of the year?

Even warmer Sunday -our first 80° day?

Even warmer Sunday -our first 80° day?


The average first 80 degree day arrives April 21st and we could reach it Sunday.  The large, upper-level high pressure overhead is holding off and deflecting approaching weather systems and it's expanding.  under the high, air is sinking, compressing and heating.  Each afternoon this week we've added to the afternoon high temperature and will will continue to do so through the weekend.  It is possible we touch 80° Sunday.  Our first 80° day came early last year - April 9th.


A wind shifting cold front will slip through Monday into Tuesday but at this time with little to no rain.  Showers could develop later in the week with out best chance coming next Thursday.  I'm posting the forecast weather map for next Thursday.  Shaded areas represent precipitation.  Perhaps our first real chance after an extended dry spell.

ecmwf_apcp_f150_us (4)

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