Muncie community group prepares to hit the streets to curb crime

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MUNCIE, Ind. (April 15, 2016) - Two homicides in less than one week has the Muncie community looking for answers to put an end to the violence, after quickly finding out guns are not the answer.

Thursday night police were investigating a double shooting that left one man dead and another in the hospital. Earlier in the week, police were tracking down two teens who shot and killed a man. That shooting marked Muncie’s first murder of the year. Muncie’s Unity Center says they are talking with the police department, sheriff’s department and the prosecutors office about ways to stop the shootings and find the problems before they take a deadly turn.

“What plan of action can we put together, as far as getting the community out on the street? We need to talk to people and talk about reporting violence,” said Muncie’s Director of Human Rights Commission Yvonne Thompson.

In the next month, the Unity Center will have anti-violence volunteers out on the streets, working with residents in high crime areas around the city to identify the issues that are leading to the shootings.

“We will hit the streets, hit the corners, and find the hot spots. We will get some of the names of the individuals that are still carrying hand guns,” said Unity Center program director Carl Malone.

This will be the first time Unity Center anti-violence volunteers have hit the streets and the group knows that there is not a quick and easy fix to the problems. The group is hoping clergy members will be able to get the word out to the community.

“That is the only way you are going to weed out the violence…by standing up against it and reporting it,” said Malone.

They are asking the community to report illegal firearms and violence that is happening around the city. The group is targeting the youth with their anti-violence campaign.

“We are finding young people with hand guns everyday, kids as young as 12 years old walking around with guns in the community,” said Malone.

The Unity Center has reached out to the Indy Ten Point coalition for advice on how to start the anti-violence campaign in Muncie. Indy Ten Point, Unity and law enforcement will be meeting on Thursday at the Unity Center 5:30 to discuss ways they can curb the violence in the area.

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