Saving your memories while saving money

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CARMEL, Ind. (April 21, 2016)-- Going into Keepsake Media in Carmel is often like taking a trip back in time. They transfer keepsakes from decades in the making.

They say your memories are priceless, but they also believe you shouldn’t have to pay a high price to preserve them. The cost is just under $9.

Additional copies are only $5. Most are transferred onto DVDs or thumb drives. Everything they get from customers come on a variety of formats which they have no problem converting.

“We can convert VHS, VHS-C, 8 millimeter, mini DVDs, all those formats, and a pretty good portion of the pro formats, even some obscure things like M-2 and D-9,” said Jim Britt, co-owner of Keepsake Media.

No project is too small or too large for a business that started 20 years ago out of their home. Now, Jim Britt and his wife Linda serve Indiana and surrounding areas.

Much of their work is done locally, but they’ve done projects for people as far away as India. They also want to remind you, memories on some formats don’t last forever!

“Some of these older tapes we have gotten have what is called a sticky tape syndrome. So we have to do a process to make the tapes play long enough to transfer them and make it so it comes out looking nice,” said Linda Britt.

Something else that’s nice is turning your pictures and videos into a story. Keepsake will do all of the work for you, or they’ll work with you. They also added in some nice features and poetry from the wedding that made it extra special.

"We had them in a book, but we just wanted to put something with the music incorporated and be able to put it all together and make a timeline and a story of the event,” said wedding customer Cindy Mclochlin.

Converting your videos to DVDs, thumb drives, or something else is also something you might want to consider as a present for Mother's Day, which is coming up on Sunday, May 8.

The typical turnaround time is two weeks or less.

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