3-day-old baby mauled to death by family dog

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SAN DIEGO, CA (April 25, 2016) – A family dog with no prior history of aggressiveness fatally attacked a 3-day-old baby while he was lying in bed, according to KFMB. Police say the mom, the dad, and the newborn were lying in bed watching television with their 2-year-old Great Dane-Terrier mix, Polo.

Police say the mom coughed, apparently startling Polo, and the dog attacked the baby. The couple rushed the boy to the hospital, but sadly he did not survive.

Animal control removed Polo from the home. “In this instance, the dog is under quarantine at our animal care facility on Gaines Street. Quarantine is just an isolation period to observe for rabies,” Deputy Director Daniel DeSousa from Department of Animal Services told KFMB.

DeSousa says cases like this are incredibly rare. “This, plain and simple, was a very tragic accident. Our condolences go out to the family. This has got to be heartbreaking for everybody involved.”

DeSousa also says you have to be careful when introducing a new baby to a dog. “Be it a baby, be it a new pet or a new cat or anything like that. It’s something new to this dog. They communicate with us, but do we know what’s going on inside their heads at all times? No, we don’t.”