Firefighters train to save victims in collapsing buildings

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FISHERS, Ind. – The Fishers Fire Department is training to save lives in some of the most severe cases of collapsing buildings and homes, which are often caused by severe weather.

"It’s almost not a question of if. It’s a matter of when and our job is to be ready when it happens," Fishers Fire Department Spokesman John Mehling said. "We are in tornado weather now and it’s just a very timely thing for us to do."

The department is having every firefighter go through the training and Lt. Brandon Anderson lead it on Tuesday.

“Even though that structure is compromised, we can build supports throughout the building in order to make our way to the victim who may be in harms way," Anderson said.

During the training, crews first assessed the situation and pinpointed their point of entry. Once that was decided firefighters created supports for windows, ceilings and door frames to make a path to the victim.

"(A firefighter) may only go on one call a year for (a collapsed building,) but we still have to be just as proficient at it, as we do everything else," Anderson said.

Mehling added besides sever weather, the department has to use these techniques at least three or four times a year when cars crash into buildings.

Fishers Firefighters will continue the training through Thursday practicing different scenarios each day.