Butler police install new emergency tool on campus

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - The Butler Police Department is taking extra steps to make sure students and staff are prepared to deal with an emergency situation, like an active shooter on campus. New emergency placards are now placed in classrooms, conference rooms and popular spots to provide step-by-step instructions on how to react in potentially high-stress scenarios.

The placards list situations like bomb threat, evacuation, hazardous material spill and shooting.

"Active shootings across the nation are unfortunately becoming more of a common thing," said Lindsey Birt, associate director of emergency preparedness and training for Butler Police. "As a police department, we have to be prepared for that.  You always hear' it will never happen here.' You can’t have that mindset."

Butler Police recently updated their active shooter training video. Birt said the hope is that these resources help people make it through a dangerous situation safely, if they were ever faced with it.

"We just wanted to make uniform information available  for those that are here daily and for those that come once in their lifetime," Birt said.

The cost of installing the placards was minimal at around $300, according to Birt.

Butler Police also distributed small emergency guidebooks to the staff.