‘Well-dressed thief’ sentenced after Marion County crime spree

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Shane Baker

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Once known as the “well-dressed thief,” Shane Baker learned his sentence this week.

Baker, who faced 25 charges including nine counts of fraud, 12 counts of theft and four counts of forgery in connection with nine cases, was sentenced to 15 years. Ten of those years will be suspended, but Baker has been ordered to serve five of them on home detention in addition to three years of probation with drug treatment and counseling.

Shane Baker after his arrest

Shane Baker after his arrest

Baker earned infamy as the “well-dressed thief” after surveillance cameras captured him sporting a suit jacket and tie during a series of thefts in Marion County. Police said Baker went into office buildings to steal wallets, credit cards and IDs. He then used those items to go on shopping sprees, sometimes spending thousands of dollars.

He was first identified as a suspect in May 2015. He was captured in Bloomington days after police released his identity; investigators said Baker had changed his appearance in order to avoid getting caught.