Police: Brownsburg woman’s cause of death was heart attack; dog attack was mitigating circumstance

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Update (May 10, 2016): The woman’s cause of death was determined to be a heart attack. According to Brownsburg PD, “Dog attack is considered a mitigating circumstance but not the cause of death. We don’t know which came first.”

BROWNSBURG, Ind. — Brownsburg police are investigating a woman’s death that may have been prompted by an attack by at least one of her dogs.

Just after midnight on Monday, police were called to the house in the 3200 block of North County Road 800 East after the woman’s body was found by her son. The victim was identified as Lola Endres, 61. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Photo of Bull and Tomahawk (Photo courtesy of Brownsburg Police Department.

Photo of Bull (left) and Tomahawk (right) (Photo courtesy of Brownsburg Police Department)

According to police, it appears that at least one, maybe two, of her English bulldogs attacked her before she died. An autopsy will determine her cause of death. Police do not believe the dog attack killed the woman, but might have been a mitigating circumstance that brought on a medical episode. Endres had a pre-existing heart condition.

Police say she had severe injuries and had been bitten several times on the legs, buttocks and hip areas.

One of the bulldogs, named Tomahawk, had been with the family for several years. The other, named Bull, was recently rescued and reportedly bit its previous owner. Both dogs are now being quarantined at the Hendricks County Animal Shelter.

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