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McDonald’s worker gives impassioned defense of job: ‘Just take your preconceptions and be rid of them’

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Don’t be ashamed of working at McDonald’s—and don’t let other people judge you.

That’s the powerful message a man posted this week on Facebook. Mike Waite, who works at a McDonald’s in Scotland, said the negative reputation of McDonald’s as a workplace is unfounded.

He said he proudly works at McDonald’s for 50 hours a week, and it’s not because he doesn’t have a goal in life or lacks “aspiration, motivation or intelligence.” He wrote that he and other people who work in such jobs will soon go on to higher education.

He noted that many McDonald’s workers—and fast-food workers in general—are working so they can get through school, support their families or save up money.

From his post:

The one thing McDonalds is is a job which is extremely (extremely) flexible, has opportunities for growth and can allow you to do what you want to do. There are people becoming pilots, lawyers, designers, architects, and people who are at a point in their life that they will do whatever it takes to look after their family.

I work with people I would aspire to be like, who have strengths in areas I wish I had, who have overcome situations I never could and who have the determination to not fade away on handouts but rather step up and work for their living unlike a huge number of people in this country. In the past I have known and worked with very rich folks in very high end jobs, and a few of them could never match the resilience and work ethic of some of the current lads/lassies.

Waite said working at McDonald’s allows him to save up for university and provides him with flexible work he can count on in the years to come. He also said he’ll put McDonald’s on his resume because the job has “pushed (his) limits” in so many ways.

He acknowledges that the wage isn’t always ideal and that the job can be difficult but said every job has downsides. He concludes with this:

Overall please just take your preconceptions and be rid of them because I work with some amazing people, and like many of them McDonalds is not a “dead-end” of my working life but rather part of the beginning. Now, what drink would you like with that order?

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