Transgender students at Indiana school protected following update to handbook

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NEW ALBANY, Ind. -- An Indiana school district is taking action in an effort to make sure their school policies are inclusive.

They’re adding three simple words to the student handbook, but the impact could be much bigger.

The move has already started a conversation on civil rights, protections and transgender students.

The new language is aimed to protect transgender students and these new guidelines could even address the larger issue of what bathroom transgender students can use.

"We've told the community we're not going to discriminate against anyone," said Lee Ann Wisehart.

Sexual stereotype nonconformity. Wisehart fought hard for those three words.  They were recently added to the New Albany Floyd County School's handbook.

The move shields transgender students in the district's harassment and discrimination policies.

"The board voted unanimously on this and we want to send the message that NAFS welcomes anyone.  It's a safe place for employees to work and students to learn," said Wisehart.

The addition to the handbook is just the first step. Wisehart wants transgender bathrooms brought up on the next agenda.

This is an issue popping up nationwide as businesses and states tackle LGBT rights.  North Carolina is currently involved in a federal lawsuit overs its controversial bathroom bill.  Target recently allowed customers to chose whichever bathroom they identify with.

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