IMPD partners with Nextdoor to improve neighbor-to-neighbor communications

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - When neighbors start talking, good things happen.

That’s the saying of a popular private social media site,  and it's also exactly what the Indianapolis Metro Police Department is hoping for.

On Thursday, IMPD joined Nextdoor after a successful pilot program over the last several months.

Nextdoor is a social media network for neighborhoods and communities.

“Residents of Indianapolis have been great users of Nextdoor for many years now and I think having their police department on will just further help the community work with their police officers to build stronger and safer neighborhoods," said Nextdoor spokesperson, Jen Burke.

IMPD can target messages to verified residents of specific neighborhoods or to residents in all of the 580 neighborhoods in the city that are on Nextdoor.

“What it's good for is a way for us to share crime information, crime prevention information, be on the lookout information and for neighbors to share information from their perspective on the things that their seeing going on in their neighborhood,” said IMPD North District Commander Chris Bailey.

Meridian-Kessler resident Katherine Kidd has been on Nextdoor for five years and sees IMPD joining as a positive for her neighborhood.

“I believe that it's bringing more information to everyone that’s involved so that everyone can be safer. And I believe now the police are recognizing that it’s a perfect tool to inform people," said Kidd.

Neighbors connect on Nextdoor for a number of reasons and crime is just one of them.

“I love the information I get. I love the fact of when crime is going on in the neighborhood. I love that I can check in to see if there’s some kind of event going on because we do events on their all the time," said Kidd.

IMPD still encourages residents to report a crime by calling 911 or the non-emergency number.

Commander Bailey believes the Nextdoor app has made a difference in crime in the North District, which is one of the reasons all IMPD districts are now on the site.

People can download the app and use it on their mobile devices or  home computers.

IMPD joins 1,600 other public agencies across the nation that use Nextdoor.

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