Johnson Co. mom targeted in sextortion scheme

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. – A Johnson County woman is the target of a sextortion scheme.

The 46-year-old told police she had been talking with a man online through two sites, SKOUT and Kik.  The stranger supposedly asked the woman to send him nude pictures and personal information.  And she admits she did.

“Unfortunately she revealed her social security number, her driver’s license and some other personal information to this person that she met online,” said Sheriff Doug Cox, with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.

After the woman sent the man the pictures and information, he supposedly demanded nearly $3,500 be sent to Nigeria by the end of the day.  The victim told police the man said if she didn’t pay up, her pictures would go online and she would end up in jail like previous women.

“Typically these people are anxious to make money,” said Sheriff Cox.

The criminal allegedly threatened the victim, warning he knew her kids’ names and the school they attended.

A recent study shows that nationwide, there could be more than 6,000 sextortion victims.

Representative Christina Hale (D-Indianapolis) wants Indiana to join the majority of the other states that have Revenge Porn laws.

“Life is never going to be the same again and we have to make sure our laws are ready to protect people for all these new kinds of crimes that quite frankly didn’t even exist 5 years ago but now are harming people every day,” said Hale.

Investigators warn this Johnson County woman did the wrong thing by sending pictures and personal information to a stranger, but she did the right thing by reporting it to police.

“The key goal here is to keep others to fall victim to what this lady has fallen victim to,” said Sheriff Cox.

Investigators say even though the victim never sent any money overseas she still has to take action against identity theft.  This report has been turned over to the FBI.

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