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Woman looking for rightful owner of dog tags found in donated clothes

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A Greenwood woman is looking for the rightful owner of some dog tags she found in donated clothes.

Rebecca Dobbins says her family received bags of clothing donations from friends and strangers after they lost everything in a house fire on Super Bowl Sunday this year.

Dobbins was recently going through some of the straggling bags, when she found the dog tags in a uniform’s pocket.

The tags have the name “Samuel Morgan” printed on them, with the identification codes “RAI3254450,” “T50” and “A.”

Dobbins has contacted some of the people who had helped coordinate donations for her family, but no one has been able to recognize and identify the uniform or dog tags.

Dobbins believes she has found a 2011 obituary of the man who possibly owned the tags.

The Samuel Morgan in obituary is from Edgefield, South Carolina. Dobbins attempted to call the man’s son who was listed in the obituary, but the number was not functional.

If you have any information regarding the dogs tags and would like to help get them to their rightful owner, you can contact our newsroom at or call 317-687-6541.

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