Police: Burglars caught sleeping feet away from home they ransacked

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- A pair of burglars were caught sleeping just feet away from the home they ransacked, with some of the stolen items next to them.

Police arrested Courtney Jones and Delwyn Williams, saying they are known transients in the area.

According to court paperwork, a witness reported hearing glass break at the home on 6th Street, then seeing the men carry out a TV and take it down an alley to stash it behind a dumpster.

When an officer arrived, he found the TV still there.

Officers also found Jones and Williams sleeping just feet away from the home, on the porch at Boxcar Books next door.

In the paperwork, the detective says they "found within reach of Williams a pair of female brown boots ... a Forever 21 necklace ... (and) a TV remote, which was the same brand as the recovered TV."

Jones was also found wrapped in a comforter taken from one of the beds.

Molly Carter, a student at Indiana University, is one of the women who live in the rental property.

"I’m the only one that’s seen the house ... It looked like they had a party," Carter said.

Carter described the house as torn apart, with many small items stolen, as well as some much larger things. Her roommate is still missing two bikes, one red Schwinn and one bright yellow Trek, as well as a pair of diamond earrings.

She also said that this is not the first run-in the roommates have had with transients in the area. She said the book store allows them to sleep on the porch and it has become an issue that is forcing them to move.

"I think it’s great that they let people hang out there, anyone hang out there, but we’ve complained. We’ve called the police on them. We’ve filed police reports over ten times throughout the year," Carter said.

Along with the stolen items, it's their security and peace of mind that Carter says they'll have a hard time getting back.

"We wanted to be in and out this summer because Bloomington’s a fun place but I don’t know if we’re going to do that anymore," Carter said.

Jones and Williams face charges of burglary and possession of stolen property.

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