Little boy makes adorable attempt at training new puppy

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CHICKAMAUGA, Georgia – A little boy’s adorable attempt at training his new puppy is going viral.

Daniel Ball told FOX59 that his son Lincoln, 4, has wanted a puppy for as long as he’s been able to talk. But unfortunately Lincoln has severe allergies, and Daniel and his wife Tasha didn’t think they would be able to own a dog.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Ball

Photo courtesy of Daniel Ball

But a recent trip to the doctor cleared that up! Lincoln is highly allergic to pollen, but he has no allergies to animals. “He walked out of the doctor’s office as happy as could be and said, ‘This means I can get a puppy!!!’ So we got him a puppy,” said Daniel.

The Ball family got a Saint Bernard puppy because Daniel had one growing up, so Lincoln wanted one too. Lincoln named his new puppy Bulzer.

Daniel and Tasha told Lincoln that he was responsible for training Bulzer, and they told Lincoln he could find some tips on YouTube.

So Lincoln decided to skip the middle man, and he showed the videos directly to the puppy.

Tasha saw what they were doing and took the photo. “It was one of those moments that you just quietly try to capture without them noticing,” Daniel told FOX59.

Lincoln has had some success training Bulzer (not directly from the videos of course) with the help of his older siblings. Bulzer now knows how to sit and they are working on several other commands.

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