Burglary suspect arrested in ER after victim punches him repeatedly

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Rey Cruz

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — A burglary suspect got more than he bargained for after the victim he was stealing from caught him and beat him up.

Officers arrested 20-year-old Rey Cruz after he checked himself into the Emergency Room at IU Health Bloomington.

According to court paperwork, a couple caught Cruz inside their apartment near College Mall on Wednesday night. They believe Cruz entered through an unlocked sliding door.

The man who lived in the apartment noticed that Cruz was wearing his jacket and when Cruz took off, he “chased (him) around the side of the building, where he grabbed and ripped the jacket off him.”

The victim kept chasing the suspect. Eventually, an officer says in the paperwork, “he tackled the male on the sidewalk … (then) punched the male approximately three to four times in the face and nose, causing him to bleed.”

The victim was able to recover stolen clothing left in a pile on the sidewalk, as well as stolen shoes that Cruz dropped during the pursuit.

Neighbors said they hoped the ordeal taught the burglar a lesson, and that he wouldn’t come back to the complex again.

“It’s better than hearing about a story where the guy gets away with something valuable to the other person. … I wouldn’t go and do something like that again, if I got beat up,” Justin Parish said.

Cruz faces a felony charge of burglary.