IMS prepared to handle record breaking crowds on race day

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SPEEDWAY, Ind. - Sunday will likely welcome one of the largest crowds ever at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

“It’s going to be crowd control, it’s going to be parking, it’s going to be getting people in effectively, and it’s going to be their safety during that day,” said Indiana State Police Sgt. Rich Myers.

While you’re watching Sunday, hundreds of law enforcement officers from all over Indiana will be on hand to make sure your day is a safe one.

“We’ll have people inside the track, monitoring the people inside the track; also, we’ll have troopers that you’re going to see in uniforms like I have right now and there’s going to be troopers in there that you’re not going to see,” said Myers.

State police have trained for months to handle potentially record breaking race-day crowds.

Their message ahead of the big day, is a simple one, “There’s three words they ought to adhere to: early, early and earlier,” said Myers.

If you weren't planning on getting to the track before 10 a.m., you may want to consider it.

200,000 grand stand, reserved seats have already sold out. An infield crowd of at least 100,000 spectators is also expected, and IMS officials have already stated a crowd of 350,000 people this year, is a real possibility.

“We have seen big crowds before, we see a big crowd every year quite frankly, but certainly, this crowd is going to be the largest one we’ve had in a couple decades, that’s a really exciting thing, we’re prepared and we’re ready,” said IMS Spokesperson, Alex Damron.

IMS officials say a record breaking crowd is something they’re prepared to handle. With help from hundreds of law enforcement officers, IMS staff has fine-tuned over several years how to manage and traffic hundreds of thousands of race fans.

“We’re really confident that people are going to have a great time here on May 29 and it’s going to be a memory they have here for a long time,” said Damron.

IMS officials are asking fans to plan ahead and know how you will be getting to the track. Fans will likely need to be patient and may have to wait in very long lines to get in and out of the speedway.

IMS parking is officially sold out. Officials are asking as many fans as possible to use alternative methods of transportation, like buses, taxis or uber.

The speedway has a reserved bus ride to and from the race that has several pickup locations. You can learn more, here.

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