Indiana man accused of robbing woman before leaving jail

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Mug shot of Matthew Owens

CROWN POINT, Ind. – An Indiana man is accused of robbing a woman before he even left jail, according to Mark Back with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.

Matthew Owens, 20, of Gary, was released around 6:30 p.m. on Saturday. As he was leaving the jail, he saw a woman inserting two $20 bills into a machine to add to an account for an inmate.

Police say Owens grabbed the bills, causing them to rip, and ran out of the building and across the parking lot. Two off-duty officers heard about the robbery and pursued him when they saw him running.

The officers caught up with Owens at a gas station as he was attempting to purchase items with one of the $20 bills he allegedly stole.

The officers took Owens back to the jail, and the alleged victim and a witness positively identified Owens. Additionally, Owens was still carrying the ripped $20 bills; the alleged victim was carrying the other halves.

Owens was charged with robbery and booked back into jail.

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