Warmest and longest stretch of 2016; Humidity will rise along with storm chance

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We are ready to embark on a spell of 80 degree weather- the longest in over 8 months and the warmest high temperatures of 2016


There is no humidity again Monday - and dry air cools quickly and warms fast. once again since sunrise, temperatures have jumped over 30° in many locations. The cool mornings and warmer afternoons on Sunday and Monday have averaged as climatically 'normal' for the the dates.  It's been 11 straight days of at or below normal temperatures.

ADI 2 Right Now Relative Humidity


A change is underway soon. We warm Tuesday into the 80s but the real feel of a change starts with the passage of a warm front early Wednesday. Moist air will surge into the state behind the warm front Wednesday morning. A hazy, sticky atmosphere will take hold and last well through the long holiday weekend.

6 to 10 day temperature from normal proboablity

6 to 10 day temperature from normal proboablity


Rain chance rise along with the humidity starting early Wednesday. A cluster of storms could roll across the state late night Wednesday into Thursday. We are watching that scenario very closely. That could be a cluster of damaging with and hail storms. The Storm Prediction Center has out looked a large portion of the Midwest for possible severe storms Wednesday.

SPC sever storm outlook day 3 (Wednesday)

SPC sever storm outlook day 3 (Wednesday)


Rain coverage will thin out by Thursday afternoon then peak again Friday early for Carb Day. I am still very happy to report that the race day forecast is still looking good. While a 'chance' of rain is in the forecast each day through memorial day, the coverage really drops off starting Saturday. Coverage at this distance on rainfall is to fall below 30% starting Sunday and for Monday.

It is still looking warm - and perhaps reaching the warmest of 2016 Race Day and Memorial Day.  Keep following along here and on my nightly broadcasts for more on the race!  I'm posting the trusted EURO model for Sunday afternoon below. It hasn't wavered since last week.  We were encouraged by this last week and now very optimistic today for many rain-free hours Sunday.  Stay tuned!

Indy 500 3 part Day Planner

ecmwf_apcp_f150_us (5)

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