Markleville police chief wants to build a ‘safe room’ for domestic violence victims

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MARKLEVILLE, Ind. – A small central Indiana town is taking a strong stance on domestic violence. The Markleville Police Chief is trying to build a safe room where victims of domestic violence can escape.

“We are a small community. Our funds are tight,” said Markleville Police Department Chief Tim Basey.

There are only ten officers on the force and each night only one is out patrolling the streets. The majority of the day the police station doors are locked and that’s part of the reason for the safe room.

“When you come here at two or three in the morning and you come to find out that the doors are locked, what do you do then?  Especially for the people around here that don’t have a car. The closest 24-hour location is in Anderson and you’re walking seven miles if you don’t have a phone or anything,” said Chief Basey.

The plan is for an 8' x 8' spot at the entrance of the police station to be designated as the safe room.  The room will be blocked in with two steel doors.  There will be two steel doors, a camera and a phone to call 911

Most of the calls and arrests in Markleville are related to  domestic violence.

“It comes down to your life as this point and you’re fighting for it,” said Tiffany White, a victim of domestic violence.

White was in a dangerous relationship for years.  She told FOX59 one time she actually went to a nearby police station for help.

“I could not get in. I had to sit there and wait. So what if he would’ve been there on top of me? It could’ve went really bad really fast,” said White.

Manpower isn’t the problem with building the safe room, it’s getting the money for the materials.  Chief Basey took the idea to the Internet and started a GoFundMe page to raise $3,000.

“I’ve donated a lot of money when I see something worthwhile and I think this is something worthwhile that the community can embrace and hopefully donate some money towards it,” said Chief Basey.

The goal is to have the safe room built and operating by the end of summer.

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