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Swim instructors offer water safety tips ahead of Memorial Day weekend

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Memorial Day weekend starts the unofficial kick off to summer. Leading up to the summer fun, here are a few tips, part of National Healthy and Safe swimming week.

Health officials urge Hoosiers to play safe in the water this summer. According the the Indiana State Department of Health, in 2014, 76 people in Indiana died of accidental drowning or submersion.

"If you don't know how to swim you're wearing a life jacket that is Coast Guard certified," said Community Healthplex Aquatic Director Sally Brindle.

To prevent death and injury also obey the rules at the pool, like no running around the pool or diving if the water is less than nine feet. What starts as a good time could quickly turn tragic.

"People think they know how to swim, they think that they're safe. You don't know when you're being rough if you're going to keep somebody under water longer than they're comfortable or if you hurt them unintentionally," Brindle said.

This summer could also be a good time to enroll little ones in swim lessons and even adults.

"To make sure he can protect himself against drowning and water with a basic ability to swim and tread water," said father, Michael Simpson.

Simpson has enrolled his son in swim lessons since he was 4 years old. He says it takes the stress of the family during summer trips to water parks.

"Really enjoying the water and not having to worry about getting life vest on for the slides like the other kids," Simpson said.

And the message swim instructors can't stress enough all falls on the parents.

"For parents to keep an eye on their children and just stay close. Because it only takes a second to drown. It takes a tiny bit of water. So safety before everything else, fun next," Brindle said.

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