Warm, humid and a storm threat entering weekend; Race day forecast still holding

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Skies continued to brighten.  We will remain rain free for the rest of the evening an most of the overnight.  As the skies brightened the temperature rose - up 7 degrees in three hours.  By 5 PM temperature have reached the upper 70s and few locations topped 80 degrees.
The cluster of showers and storms arriving from Illinois early Thursday afternoon left a .23" of rainfall for Indianapolis, the first measurable rain in four days.
Rain showers and a chance of a t-storm could return later tonight well after midnight or into the pre-dawn hours on Friday morning.
Forecast radar 6 AM Friday

Forecast radar 6 AM Friday

 Carb Day should remain mostly rain-free but later in the day there is a threat for a few showers and a thunderstorm.  These will be driven by daytime heating, so look for the potential of rain before 5 PM.  That should allow plenty of dry time for festivities out at the track!
CARB DAY 3 part Day Planner
With the added humidity any rainfall could be briefly heavy due to the surge in tropical air. The humidity will remain high well though the holiday weekend. If you do get under t-storm any time over the next two days, locally heavy rainfall could occur. Remember the rain will not be evenly distributed. Amounts will be higher in and around t-storms.
We are still expecting mostly rain free hours for race day! Overnight computers are still holding onto a chance of a afternoon shower or storm but coverage will be limited. Rain fall coverage looks to peak early Saturday morning and again l later Saturday night. The coverage is dropping for Sunday and Monday. Bottom line, the threat for rain is dropping from Saturday on.
BW Rain Chances by DAY
We remain very optimistic that dry time will not only hold but be quite extended for Sunday, the 100th running of the 500.  That has been the thinking now for well over a week. The persistence in forecast continues and once again the trusted EURO model is posted below. If you have been following along this has been a very consistent solution for race day since last week. So far so good!
ecmwf_apcp_f78_us (2)
Indy 500 3 part Day Planner
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