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Shelby County jury finds 39-year-old man guilty of child molesting, solicitation

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John Shaw

SHELBY COUNTY, Ind. – A Shelby County jury convicted a 39-year-old man of child molesting and child solicitation Wednesday.

The investigation began when a young girl reported that John F.M. Shaw had her perform oral sex on him three different times between December 2012 and June 2014.

The first incident allegedly happened when the victim was 11. She did not report the abuse for years, which is common in child molestation cases.

When a detective questioned Shaw about the allegations, he claimed that he had merely explained to the 11-year-old how to perform oral sex so that she would know “the proper way” to do it, but did not have her perform the act. He then said that he had once woke up to find that the victim was giving him oral sex without his knowledge, but he thought it was merely a dream.

Shaw later claimed that there was a second time he awoke to the victim giving him oral sex and admitted to allowing her to continue with the act for around 30 seconds.

The chief deputy prosecutor who handled the case timed out 30 seconds for the jury during her closing statement to demonstrate how long the defendant admitted to allowing the victim to continue after his claim to realizing what she was doing.

The victim denied the claim that she performed the act on her own and while Shaw slept.

Shaw faces a sentence of between 20-50 years, and will be sentenced on July 7.

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