Continued hot on Sunday with storms arriving mid-week

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. --Good Saturday evening! It was hot and humid out there today! Highs across central Indiana topped out in the 90s. Indianapolis had its first 90-degree day of the year.

Temperatures will only fall to the low 70s as clouds increase toward Sunday morning with a cold front moving through the area. Winds will shift from west, southwest to west, northwest 5-10 mph.

Sunday will still bring the heat, however, with a north wind, temperatures should run a couple of degrees cooler than Saturday. Models show a slight chance of rain or storms across southern Indiana in the late afternoon/evening.

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High pressure will lead to nice weather on Monday too with highs back in the upper 80s. The air will be drier too so it won't be as humid.

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An upper-level low pressure will develop across the Upper Midwest and Midwest through mid-week and bring rain and storm chances to the area as it hangs around. Central Indiana will see a storm chance starting Tuesday with the highest chance into Wednesday. First glance at computer models suggests the potential for severe weather so we'll keep our eyes on it. Temperatures will be warm and in the 80s and there's plenty of instability to support bad weather. However, we're forecast to have cloud cover and possibly some early morning rains which may limit the overall severe threat. Stay tuned!

The low will retrograde (or move west) through the end of the week and continue to bring rain chances to the area. --Danielle Dozier

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