Hottest weekend of the year so far!

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Happy Saturday everyone! The heat and humidity are continuing to build into the state today. Yesterday Indianapolis hit 88º while other areas made it into the lower 90s.

Regional High Yesterday

Today we are looking at even hotter temperatures and higher heat index values. At times it could feel as hot as 100º!

DMA Highs Today

Stay hydrated, wear sun block and take breaks in the A/C to help keep you cool.

Picnic Planner

We are looking at a lot of sunshine today with a few clouds. A couple of storms could bubble up north of a Lafayette to Kokomo line this afternoon along a boundary sitting to the north.

State Latest RPM 4km-12km

But most of the state will only see blue skies and a few clouds all weekend. Our work week is off to a hot start as well but as a system moves in midweek bringing clouds rain chances. Temperatures will also cool a few degrees topping out in the mid 80s, even lower 80s on Friday.

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